Friday, June 21, 2013

They never cease to entertain me!


We got a big donation from a friend who used to live here in Maputo, she sent all kinds of clothes, including some for a fairly large man.  This “pair” of gorgeous shoes was included – unfortunately, it wasn’t a real pair, it was two very different black shoes.  So, there was no use for them but to play.  I think it’s the favorite “toy” the boys have got in ages, they absolutely love clunking around in these huge shoes, like Bozo the Clown!  I laugh (yes, out loud) every time I see them!  Paulito is working them like a pro!


These two gems, Antonio and Vernazio, used to live in this dorm but have moved up.  They’ve been enjoying coming back to play in the garden in the afternoon lately.  Vernazio wanted me to take a photo of him with this “estera” mat on his head but it wouldn’t get in the photo!

IMG_6042Hercules, otherwise known as Felizardo, was getting a little help from Gerson to lift this tire on his shoulder and carry it around the garden to show how strong he is!  “I get by with a little help from my friends . . . “

IMG_6039Cleaning up after play time in the garden does involve raking the sand – this is a twice daily occupation for most Mozambicans.  All I know is it sends a lot of dust in my house every day! Smile

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pamela maddox said...

Tell the boys I love BIG shoes too!!! Clunk clunk clunk. But I'm with you on dust...ugh! Love you friend!