Monday, July 22, 2013


IMG_6060Poor Gerson – he and Adilson were playing in the garden and Adilson kicked him on accident.  Gerson’s arm isn’t broken, thankfully, but it sure hurt.  However, he is proud of his little cast!

(By the way, his little friend is not Adilson,it’s Lourenco, he couldn’t kick that hard!)

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Tio Arlindo–a life cut too short

Arlindo and FranciscoI'm so sad today - one of our staff Educators, and one of my favorite staff, died unexpectedly this morning.  Tio Arlindo got sick on Thursday and quickly worsened.  We still don't know his actual cause of death.  This is a shock and great sadness to us all, particularly his family and our precious boys that he cared for here on the center. 

He leaves behind a wife and three children, one of them only around two years old.

Tio Arlindo loved kids and his work.  We used to play a game – I don’t remember how it developed but the boys loved when we did.  He acted like a police officer and I acted like “Vovo Maria” which means Grandma Maria.  We pretended that he was chasing me for doing something wrong and I was running away and hiding from him.  It was cute to see the boys try and help me escape or help him catch me.  It came to where he would more often than not greet me by saying Hello Vovo Maria!

He worked in the dorm right next to mine so I would often see him sitting on the steps of the dorm with the kids all near him.  Last January, we mixed things up a bit here and my eight oldest boys moved into his dorm of older teenagers, in their own room.  I said to the directors, the thing that reassures me about this change is that it is Tio Arlindo who works in that dorm – he will take great care of those little ones because he loves my boys.

Tio Arlindo’s life was cut way too short and way too shocking.  Please keep his family and our family here at the center in your prayers.  I take great comfort in knowing he was looking forward to going to Heaven and being with Jesus one day.  That day, much to his delight, has now arrived. 

Monday, July 01, 2013

Ready and Waiting!

IMG_6046So I open my door to call Room Two to come in for the Afternoon Program and what do I find?  This line of cuties pies, ready and waiting to begin, and even at attention!  SO CUTE!  Gotta love ‘em!

(yes, I made them wait while I ran to get my camera Smile)