Friday, August 09, 2013

Little Monkeys!


We have the greatest tree in the center of our playground and especially during winter, as it is now, the boys love to play in it! 


I sometimes get scolded for letting my little boys play so high in the trees but I LOVE to see boys be boys – adventurous risk-takers and all! 


That IS pretty high, isn’t it?  Looks a bit scary in these photos!


But it sure looks fun too!


Meghann said...

Yes! I love it and they love that tree! I think I might have a few if those same pics from my visit! Such sweet boys who just love to be boys!

Laura said...

Meghann Beghann, I thought of you when I chose my post title! :)
Glad, as a nurse, you aren't mad at me for letting them climb! :)