Monday, August 26, 2013

Sunday Sports Day! And St. Mary’s Longfleet . . .

This past week we’ve had a really fun – and big! –team here from St. Mary’s Longfleet Church in England.  There were 30 of them!  They helped with so many projects through the week and just had a blast playing with our kids – my boys loved them!  The Grand Finale was Sports Day the day before they left. 
It wouldn’t be Sports Day in Mozambique without futball!
The Littlies had games and races tailored for their skills, so cute!
Watching the races . . . .  Waiting their turns  . . .  .

During intermission, the team taught them a fun dance.

But the highlight, as always, was FOOD!  A BBQ done to perfection by these two men, Graham and Dave, at, if you look closely at the time on the camera – 4:00 on the dot!  That was impressive cooking for over 250 people!
Adam and Maddy were team leaders who planned the day – you can see who carries the weight between them!  And this is Beth, who loved my boys and I wanted to lock her in my room so she couldn’t leave! 
Dave is a missionary in Zambia and I loved talking with him and picking his brain and learning from his experience!
Ok, so if you look up the word “sweet” in the dictionary, you might find a photo of this couple, Lydia and Rhys next to the definition.  Lydia drew the whole alphabet by hand and they painted them too – gorgeous!  Come back!!!
(I wish I had photos with all the team to sing their praises too!)
This guy, obviously crazy enough to bring a team of 30 young people to Africa, is the team leader who made this all happen – well done Richard!


Room For One More said...

Hey - thanks for posting all this from our guys. David and Wendy

Laura said...

Hi David and Wendy!
Thanks for reading and saying hello! The team was a blessing, we were so glad to have them here!