Monday, September 02, 2013



Desperate.  That’s how a father must feel to pack a plastic bag full of his two children’s clothes and bring them to a children’s center, sit them down in the Prayer Hut, tell them he’s going to buy bananas and will be right back and never return.  Desperate.

It’s the bag of clothes that turned my anger into compassion.  Most of it anyway.  I was still angry that a father would abandon his children that way.  But the clothes told me another story.  About someone who cared.  But must have been – desperate. 

Thankfully, our investigative team found the father of these two gorgeous children.  I haven’t heard all the details but they are back with their father.  I am hoping we are able to help him not feel so desperate and have hope that he can provide and care for these precious little ones. 

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