Thursday, September 12, 2013


DSC_0020Sweet little Ernesto left us last week to be reunited with his mother in their new home- yay!  Ernesto and his brother Moises came here to Iris a few years ago.  Moises was first in my dorm (and moved up to the next dorm two years ago) and Ernesto was in the Baby House. 

We’ve loved having him the last two years, he is a pumpkin!  Adorable!  With a scrunchy face smile that just melts your heart.

Moises and Ernesto came because their father had abandoned the family, their mother had no work and their home conditions were desperately bad. 


My boys are praying for Ernesto as his little farewell.

We have been able to help the mother build a new home, it has taken some time but it is now done!  She has often visited and had the boys for weekends on occasion so they have maintained their relationship.

The boys were both thrilled to go home to live with mom!  We love that! 

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pamela maddox said...

he is a little pumpkin!!!