Monday, December 30, 2013

Birthday Boy ~ and Cat!


Julio’s birthday was actually the 27th, poor thing, but with all the fuss of Christmas and me just returning, I hadn’t yet looked at the calendar.  So we’re celebrating today!  He didn’t know his birthday so he’s not at all fussed!

It’s a rainy day – couple of days really – so the boys ate inside which means we celebrated inside!  “Celebrating” just involves the birthday boy giving out candy to everyone, which they love!  Then the birthday boy sleeps with Spiderman sheets and pjs, and uses the Spiderman towel and washcloth during showers.  They love their special Spiderman day!


Today is also a precious boy named Elidio’s birthday.  He moved up to the next dorm two days ago so he’ll be celebrating with them.  But a year ago, we “discovered” that Elidio shared his birthday with one of my cats, Gato Antonio! 

So Antonio got to celebrate today too!  I got the boys really, really quiet, then led her out with a bowl of tuna, her birthday pressie, since she doesn’t eat candy!

The boys loved it!

(and yes, her name is Antonio – hey, the boys told me “here’s a cat Mana Laura, it’s a boy and his name is Antonio – and I never looked!)

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daysease said...

Cute!! Julio shares a birthday with my daughter!! December 27th!! :-)