Sunday, December 22, 2013

Did I Open a Shoe Store??

IMG_1765It looks that way but this is just sorting shoes for my 33 boys!  Which is always a bit of a roll of the dice since I don’t take all of them with me shoe shopping, I just buy a variety of sizes and hope I have the right ones.  That was especially tricky this year as I’ve been gone so long that A. I’m out of practice, B. they’re feet grow and C. I got three new boys!


BUT!  Gracas a Deus, which is Portuguese for Thank God, there was a pair for each and every one of them!  And a pair they liked to boot!  They were each very happy.   AS you can see in this photo of Afonso:IMG_1770

And I was happy to get some on sale!  I bought 11 pairs at one small shop that were normally about $23 but were on sale between $8-$12!  Yay!

IMG_1769The only bummer is now they know the shoes they’re getting for Christmas so it’s not a surprise but that can’t be helped.

Thank you to all my Christmas sponsors who help make new shoes possible for these cutie pies!


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