Monday, December 23, 2013

Fire! But We’re All Ok!


Last night about 7:45ish, I was returning from my walk down on the soccer field (yes, it was almost 90 degrees and yes I’m desperate to lose the US weight I found!) and saw quite a bit of smoke in the back of our property behind my house.  But I didn’t think anything of it because it was right near our property wall and people in the community burn their trash regularly back there.

I didn’t think anything of it until I heard one our youth talking about a hose and two minutes later, Steve our director, saying the word fire (it’s amazing what  I can hear from my house!).  I went out back to discover one of our containers had caught fire!  (In the photo below, the fence along the right is around my garden)IMG_1774

Sadly, just last week we had filled it with a shipment of shoes, a donation that had cost us thousands of dollars to get out of the port.  Quick thinking workers and youth were able to save many of the boxes of shoes while the fire was still only smoldering in the back.  But many were lost as well.IMG_1797

IMG_1791Thankfully, no one was injured and that’s always the most important thing.

On the plus side, there was great excitement when the fire trucks and personnel arrived.  There is only one station, in the city, so they came quite a ways but they came quickly. 

At one point the first truck ran out of water and a second one arrived.  We were left to surmise what they were doing in this photo and could only guess they were moving the water from the second truck to the first truck to then use on the smoldering remains!IMG_1804

You might be interested to note that most Mozambicans believe that drinking milk after “dirty” work, firefighting included, but also dumping garbage, extensive yard work, etc, can minimize the negative effects on the lungs!  So they asked for a liter of milk each!  Do I have any firefighting readers – what do you say?IMG_1798

We’re not sure the cause of the fire, a few theories have floated around, mostly having to do with a fire in the community that moved through a gap in our wall right next to the container.  Thank God it didn’t spread any further in our center full of kinesu fencing!  The two closest buildings are our nursery/clinic and the Baby House!


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The Reeds said...

I"m so glad you're all safe! Praise the Lord for that!