Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Getting ready for Christmas!

IMG_1817Afonso didn’t blow up all those balloons by himself but he sure enjoyed his part!  He was taking his time and was the last boy left, the rest had gone off to lunch!  This is for our second strand.

IMG_1816Balloons are a big part of our Christmas decorating scheme, which we always do the day before Christmas.  It’s chaotic and crazy and I’m ready to pull my hair out by the end of it but the boys love it!  I couldn’t not let them be a part of it.

Adilson is so proud of himself – he learned to tie his balloon shut by himself for the first time!  Look at that concentration!  My left pointer finger thanks him!


After lunch, the decorating carried on.  For the first time ever, thanks to a friend (Wendy’s) suggestion, we are going to have our festivities in the “refretorio” which is our outdoor dining area, instead of in our “sala” which is the main room.  It’s got much better light so hopefully some better photos, much more room and much more fresh air – an important plus, seeing as it’s meant to be about 100 degrees tomorrow!  It was also much easier – and more fun – to decorate!  Who doesn’t like climbing on top of the fence and up to the rafters?


The gift bags are all packed, this is the last of them, waiting to have every single thing in the bag labeled with the right boys’ name on it.  It saves a lot of tears and possibly a large headache on my part, on Christmas morning to have the boys names on all the toys before they start pulling everything out in a mad frenzy!


We ended tonight with our traditional Christmas Eve church service.  Lots of groups do dramas or songs (we sang a Portuguese song about Jesus our Savior being born, set to the tune of “Deck the Halls, complete with waving tinsel during the “fa la la la las”!) and we always end with the kids favorite part – the candles! 

In my first years, it was a free-for-all and the kids ran around with their candles, trying to burn each other or blow each other’s candles out and I would cower in the corner hoping my polyester skirt wouldn’t go up in flames! 

Now we’re much more civilized and make them sit down the whole time!  More boring for them but safer for all!IMG_1869

Look at that mug?  Gorgeous Afonso, having a great time.  Doesn’t he just make you want to come for Christmas next year?  (if you forget I mentioned the 100 degrees???)

Merry Christmas friends and family around the world!

Christ the Savior is born – hallelujah!

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