Friday, December 27, 2013

Movin’ On Up

IMG_2138It’s that time of year again, a little earlier this year, when my oldest bunch move up to the next dorm.  Sad day for me!  (I’m also a little sad how the lady cut my bangs last week but that’s not really germaine, I’m just self-conscious about them!). 

IMG_2096IMG_2099  First, I took my boys to a yummy farewell lunch at Mimmos – chicken and chips for everyone!  Three wonderful visitors joined us, two ladies from Reunion Island (extra points if anyone knows where that is without asking our friend Google!) and Graham, a return visitor from England about whom my boys said “Mano Graham works really hard” because he is always helping!  Too my surprise, Maria asked to treat us all to lunch, that was so sweet of her!


IMG_2121Once we got home, we had a little farewell with the rest of the boys, including praying for the ones moving up, and popcorn and soda, without which, no party by Mana Laura would be complete!  Their last time using the Spider and Super Man cups!


IMG_2134IMG_2136They carried over their things to their new home in their new dorm, where they were warmly welcomed!  They are so excited to each have their own new bed!

IMG_2139And finally, here we are all crying for them having to leave.  Ok, so I’m the only one crying.  And in fact, although I held it together in front of them, only a little watery eyes, I did cry myself home without them.  Yes, they are nearby and no, it is not the same at all.  I know from experience.  And it breaks my heart every time.

I will miss these boys!  They are precious to me and include my absolute favorite, Felizardo.  And I realize that I really enjoy my mix of ages and love having these older boys to actually converse with, who get ideas and concepts, who aren’t so clingy but still so loving.  It’s hard to lose all the oldest and have almost all younguns now. 

But, they are growing up, and they are excited for this evidence of it!

Pray for my babies! Smile


pamela maddox said...

awww... they grow way too fast! they will miss their fun and loving mana laura!!

Laura said...

They do! And I will miss them Pamelita! I already do!