Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Smiles, Smiles Everywhere! It’s Christmas in Mozambique!


(Alternative Title:  The Boys are Really Happy – I am Really Tired!)

Look at those cutie pies, all kitted out in their new outfits!  Looking so darling (only took about 20 photos to get them looking that way, let’s be honest!).  They always love their new clothes and feel so smart in them.


But what they really love are . . . presents!  In the photo above, you see two of the three rooms looking at this . . .


The Tias carrying in their new Dorm Gifts! (minus the trampoline which I didn’t have time to arrange but still will!).  They love Tonka trucks (and thank you to Doris, Pat and Kathy for carrying those beasts in your luggage for me!), skateboards and scooters (which everyone marvels that I carry in mine) and of course, soccer balls (thanks again Cesaer!)> 


Looks pretty good there under our teeny, tiny tree doesn’t it?



IMG_1934Listening to Papa Steve, aka Pai Natal, talk about Christmas!


Hey, I’m in a photo!  I really am here for Christmas, honest!


Some happy, silly boys – and one almost teenager who went straight for the handheld game!  Things aren’t much different all around the world, are they?


My goodness they loved these glasses, a last minute find at Party City!


New shoes!  Wahoo!  And socks too!  Not that you could pay me to wear socks in this heat, but they love ‘em!


The Three Amigos – sad, all of them are moving up in two days.


Latifo, The Thinker!  And Lulu, who just arrived last week and doesn’t know what hit him!  I’m quite sure he’s only ever had a present or two in his whole life, and not a bag full and not with new clothes and new shoes at the same time! 


The center eating together (my table is the first one you can only see a teeny bit of).


That’s a lot of boys!


Two cute-patoots, Horacio and Junior!

A special thank you to all those who sponsored my boys for their gifts and clothes, what a blessing!  And to those of you who give all the year thru, enabling me to be here and love on these precious boys!

The boys wanna say:

“Come see us this year, we’d love to meet you!

And now, we’re tired of looking at the camera, we’re just gonna look at our new stuff! 

Merry Christmas!  Feliz Natal!”


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