Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Missing Pedro

I was cleaning out some things this week and found this bag I had been collecting for Pedro before he died in 2010.  I have come across is before and just left it where it was, in a bottom drawer, under some other rarely used things, not yet ready to deal with it.

This time I decided I was ready to open it up and pulled out several shirts I had been collecting for him and a pair of socks.  The socks really got to me – they are a bit of a luxury here, for kids especially, and he loved socks.

But I also decided it was time to let these things go and bless another child.  With the boys moving up this week, I wanted to give them each a new shirt so that’s how I decided to use these.

IMG_5484These clothes were never Pedro’s so they don’t remind me of him in that sense.  But I had saved them for his near future and it still hurts to know that future never came, he never grew into these clothes.

I kept the bag.  I hovered near the garbage bin and then near my “stuff to take back to the US bag,” back and forth, then just stuffed it in the US bag.  One thing at a time. 

I miss my sweet boy.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Moving Up, Round Two!


These eight treasures have now moved up as well, to Dorm Four.  You won’t know all the differences but this represents a significant change in the way the dorm moves usually occur.  These eight boys, all around nine  years old have moved to the oldest dorm of boys who have 15-20 years old! IMG_5537

There were several reasons for this shift, and lots of details that needed to be thought and worked through to make it happen.  Although there are some potential downsides, there are also some real positives. 

IMG_5547Like having older brothers to look after them! (and make them sweep or run errands, I am sure.  Isn’t that what older brothers are for?) I love this blurry photo below and decided to include it – you can see the joy on their faces!



We prayed together for the new boys, had some juice and chips and biscuits, which no party here is complete without, and then they all ran off to eat their dinner in the main kitchen with the big kids.

And I ran off to  my room to shed a few tears.  But I’m ok.  There are 24 other ones here to keep me occupied, and I am grateful for that “small” number for  awhile!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Moving Up, Round One!


This week we said goodbye to two of our special little boys who aren’t  so little anymore!  Yuran and Feliciano are moving up to the next dorm, a move we weren’t sure when, and if, would happen. 


Yuran has some slight developmental disabilities and moderate physical disabilities.  Feliciano has moderate developmental disabilities and slight physical disabilities.


We were pretty sure Yuran would do fine with some coaching and looking after by the older boys.  But Feliciano doesn’t speak (although he has his way of communicating and he understands most commands, just not many concepts) and is not potty trained.  We hope that this will not prevent him from being successful in the next dorm, which has less staff and less direct care than my dorm has.  We are praying this will be positive for both of them, particularly as both of them learn more when they are challenged by older boys.


Although the whole dorm (and center actually!) love Feliciano and look after him, he is especially close with Mana Zaida who has invested a lot in him.  They will miss each other.  In fact, Feliciano arrived the next morning at 6am and starting taking off his clothes for her to give him a shower!  Change is confusing!


Here Yuan and Feliciano are welcomed by the boys in their new room.  Feliciano looks  scared but he wasn’t – just chastised for putting the balloon in front of his face every single time I snapped a photo!  They  were both very happy!

We’ve had more arrivals and more departures – look for more updates soon!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

It’s been hot here . . .


I know lots of people who have cats or dogs who lay in funny positions but I’m not one of them.  My cats have always laid in normal cat poses.

Til Thursday.  The day of the potentially 120 degree heat.   I say potentially because that’s what the thermometer said but could it really have been?

Apparently PussPuss thought so as she was willing to try  a very un-ladylike pose to try and cool  off.  I had never seen her lay like that in ten years.  Poor thing, I hope it helped her.

I know I thought about joining her!

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

A Belated Merry Christmas from Mozambique!


Merry Christmas from me and my darling boys here in Mozambique!  Thanks to generous givers and God’s provision through them, they boys were all blessed with new outfits and shoes and presents and a wonderful chicken dinner which they love.  Enjoy the photos!  (should have changed out of my slippers for the photo, huh?)


Room 3 looking sharp – and Feliciano looking away, as always! Smile


Room 2, minus a couple boys, wanna-be rappers?  Or is is Spiderman?  They love to strike this pose!


Room 1, minus a couple.  Casimero looking miserable on the right ran off to play while all the boys were getting their new clothes.  A built-in consequence, he didn’t have new clothes for the photo.  He did get them though before all the people came round for the gift-giving. 


The boys walk past the hidden gifts to go take their room photos  - I love this part, they get so excited seeing everything covered up with just a few bags peeking out!


The bags have been delivered!  Good luck getting anything but the tops of kids heads in the first several photos.


Adilson looks happy with his gifts, while everyone around him experiments with theirs.


Elidio is happy as a clam!!


Casimero looking a little happier in his new clothes and enjoying bits and bobs of his gift.


Waiting for our yummy chicken dinner!


God is so good to provide, all year long, but extra blessings at Christmas.  This is the dinner for our kids here on the center – we also provide a meal and gifts for about 100 people through our street ministry, about 100 people who live near the garbage dump, and about 160 people here on staff.  I continue to be amazed every year!


Here’s my dorm enjoying their grub!  You can just see the Baby House kids in the background, they are too cute eating their big meal!


I don’t want to leave out, these four great youth, who grew up in my dorm, are responsible for the great decorating!  Joao, Manito, Nelson and Silavio are my buddies and I’d be lost without them!  Aren’t they cool?



Me and Nelson in front of our tree.  Or should I say, me and Boy Weezy???








Our missionary staff at our annual Christmas dinner, after the kids have all celebrated, we have our evening together.  What a great group of people I work with!

Merry Christmas everyone and Happy New Year!

May God draw us closer to Him through taking time to celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ, on Christmas and every day!