Sunday, January 05, 2014

Ain’t it grand to be a kid?


I remember when my nephew Sean (my wonderful nephew Sean that is!) lived with me for a couple of years when he was 12, I rediscovered how to play!


It crept up on me but really kicked in full force one day when we were at the beach.  He was playing in the ocean, and I was tanning on the beach – of course!  (That was back before I was worried about wrinkles and dark spots!) He strayed out a little further than I was comfortable with so, grumpily I might add, I swam out to bring him back closer to shore.  Fully intending to get right back out to my reading.


Instead, I played!  And played!  Dove under the waves, tried to dunk him, tried not to let him dunk me, tried to bodysurf – it was so much fun! 

IMG_2191We had a terrific time!  I can’t say I never laid on the shore again but it highlighted for me that having him with me helped me rediscover the kid in me again.  And it was fun!

Now of course, I have 30 something little ones to remind me to play!  I don’t join in as often as I should but when I do, I’m always glad I did! 


Make sure you make some time to play – and not just video games or candy crush!  And hey, why not come visit me and play with my kids?  So I can take a break and lay on the beach and read!!! Smile

Love, Laura

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