Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Meet the Birthday Boys, Francisco and Lourenco


These two pumpkin noodle heads are turning seven today!  They are darling twin brothers, Lourenco on the left and Francisco on the right.  We only have one birthday hat so we were silly and improvised a hat out of the bottoms of the Spiderman birthday pjs!  Let me tell you, the rest of the boys were delighted to get TWO pieces of candy today!


Francisco is the bigger of these two non-identical twins.  He still sucks his thumb, which can be quite cute although we’re working on stopping it, and doesn’t seem at all put off by his two missing front teeth!  Francisco is lively, squirmy, silly, funny, helpful and full of love.  He is going into second grade this year (if school will ever start – I’ve now heard it won’t start til Feb 4th!!!)


Lourenco is the smaller of the two but I like to call him scrappy!  He is also thoughtful, reflective, funny, inquisitive and loves to pretend to be in church – he plays all the roles, preacher, dancer, singer!  He also loves to play our toy guitars!  Oh, and one thing I love when he does – he taps his temple when he is thinking!  He saw me do it once and has done it ever since!

Now you’ve met Francisco and Lourenco!

Love, Laura

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