Thursday, January 09, 2014

Meet the Meninos ~ Afonso!

IMG_2249Afonso Pequno (Little Afonso) has now graduated to be called Afonso-Bonso!  You see, we had another Afonso here in the dorm whom I called Afonso-Bonso and he moved up in December to the next dorm.  So this little munchkin feels pretty special now to be called Afonso-Bonso himself!

IMG_2007Afonso-Bonso is one of those quiet boys who, sadly, is easy to get lost in such a big crowd.  I have to make an effort to reach out to him.  He’s not angry or moody, he just doesn’t seek a lot of attention and he doesn’t get in trouble. 

He is sweet-natured, a good friend to the other boys and loves to help!  I look forward to getting to know this little boy more!

With 33 kids, it’s not easy to “find” the invisible ones with so many clamoring for attention – pray for me that I do!

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