Thursday, January 02, 2014

New Look!

Hey loyal – and first time – readers!

What do you think of the new look of the blog?  I LOVED the color scheme I’ve had for years now but just thought I needed something a little different and lighter and fresher.  After much experimenting, I’ve chosen this look – for now!  I may still tweak it a little.

Your thoughts?  Is it light and fresh or plain and boring?  I’m not sure myself!

Comments welcome, good and bad, you won’t hurt my feelings!

Love, Laura


Adele said...

I like the green, Laura. But since I typically just get the posts in my Feedly reader feed, the design doesn't show up there.

May 2014 hold much good for you--completing your degree this year?

Wendy Walker said...

Fresh look for a fresh start to the year. I like the simple, light apple-green crispness of it Laura.

Laura said...

HI Ladies, thank you for taking time to comment, glad you like it!

Two questions for both of you:

In my blog description I say "looking after orphans in their distress" a direct quote of NIV James 1:27. Except it has suddenly struck me that we don't use that term around here (not to mention they aren't all orphans!). I still want to incorporate James 1:27 as that (half) is my motivation for being here. Any thoughts on rewording it?

Also, although I wanted a change, even though I loved the old colors, I do think that the darker color I used to have framed the photos better. But I like the lighter fresher green! The last two posts don't have my greatest photos so they aren't good examples but do you think the light color kinda washes out the photos?

Thanks for any input! :)

The Reeds said...

I like it! But honestly,I read from feedly so never see your actual page. I read a lot of blogs and find that in the long run, darker pages are hrader on my eyes. I am no help about the verse. Maybe the Message's translation is helpful?

Randy Salle' said...

I like it Aunt Laura!

The Reeds said...

HI it's me again! About the fitbit (your comment on my blog so I don't seem like a total lunatic)- it DOES inspire me to walk more! I actually walked 5,000 steps in my living room the other night so I could reach my goal. I did it while I watched shows but mainly the clock. It makes me much more mindful of down activity. My old pedometer did that weird thing in the car but the arm one doesn't. However.. (I should do a review!) it doesn't count steps when you're doing nurturing things.. like walking carrying a child, pushing a cart/buggy/stroller, walking with a laundry basket etc. These are problematic for me. :) Overall though I like it.

Laura said...

Hi Georgia, thanks for the info on the Fitbit. I bought one of the clipons (cheaper) and kinda wish I'd brought the bracelet. But, it definitely inspired me when I was home in Moz as well, I would add in walking to get more steps. I haven't been wearing it since here in the US, although I have it here with me. Are you still using it and bring inspired by it?