Sunday, January 12, 2014

Our Birthday Board

IMG_2298So.  I’ve been here eleven years next month.  You’d think I’d have thought of certain things a little sooner.  But the good news is, I keep learning and getting new ideas!

Like our Birthday Board!  I actually got the idea from a Catholic center for disabled people.  Over a year ago.  Sometimes I’m a little slow at putting my ideas into practice.  Ahem.

But now we’re up and running and the boys love it!  I love it too – except when Dionsio asks me every day if today is his birthday since he’s been told it’s soon but doesn’t quite grasp the calendar concept yet!

Apparently we have a drip above the board and when it rained it ruined my little Feliz Aniversario sign.  Which is not a big problem as I was hoping to find some visitors with fancier writing skills to make better signs and captions anyway!

Pray that no one discovers the fun alternate uses of push pins!

Love, Laura

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