Friday, January 03, 2014

Welcome Little Ones!


“Mana Laura!  We’re moving to your dorm!”  That’s what I’ve heard ever since I’ve been back from these three little cutie pies who were living in the transition house.  They had moved there from the Baby House and knew that this January they would be coming to me.

Today is the day!

They arrived this afternoon and are so excited, maybe a little apprehensive, but mostly excited.  They’ve been visiting to play and get to know the boys and the dorm for a while now so it’s not all new to them.  And as it happens, they have the same PJs that we have so they will fit right in tonight!

Igor, Manuel Sergio and Manuel 2 (who join our existing Manuel, bringing us to THREE Manuels in the dorm!) – more adventures to come!

(Please excuse my outfit, I threw on what I had where I was housesitting and then life happened and I never got around to changing so that I would match!)

Love, Laura

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