Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Lucas Update–Please pray for surgery tomorrow!


Sweet Lucas has had a broken femur in a very large and poorly done cast for 38 days.  They took the cast off yesterday, none too gently is an understatement, and declared him fine and sent him home, saying to bring him back on the 22nd for a check-up.  He was crying there in the hospital and cried all night, poor dove. He is in incredible pain, which was made worse by his rough treatment.   Let me just say that some of you know my long history with frustration (and anger!) with the public hospital here and the whole story here only added fuel to the fire.


Today he was taken to one of the private hospitals in the city for an x-ray.  It shows the bone is horribly broken, still.  I wish I had a copy to post here, you’d be shocked at the bad break.

The nurse who was attending to Lucas spoke with Sonia, the missionary who was accompanying him.  When she asked for the bill, the nurse said, “leave the paperwork with me, I will pay for it.”  WHAT??  AMAZING!!!!  I cried.

But wait, I cried even more!  The doctor said that Lucas needed surgery.  It would cost 130,000 mets, equivalent of $4,500.  When Sonia left, the same nurse said “I will call you by 4pm after I speak with the doctor and hospital director.”  At 3:59, she called to tell Sonia the surgery would be done tomorrow – FOR FREE!!!!!  Yes, that’s when I cried again!


Here’s the neat part – Sonia had thought about bringing a letter from our center, saying Lucas was part of a large children’s center, etc., and could they provide treatment for a discount.  But she didn’t, I’m not clear if she didn’t have time or chose not to.  And all she had said to the nurse was, when the nurse asked if she was his mom, she said “no, he’s part of Arco Iris Children’s Center in Zimpeto, we have about 300 kids.”  That was it.  And from there, this compassionate woman intervened on Lucas’ behalf!

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with asking for help but it sure is a wonderful feeling to experience a  miracle in that way, that you’ve done nothing to bring about and know is clearly God working in the hearts of people!

Lucas has surgery tomorrow, Thursday, but we’re not sure the time.  Please keep him in your prayers and pray a blessing over this generous hospital and it’s staff!  Thank you!



The Reeds said...

Oh Bless him. That poor boy and all like him. The poor care is beyond infuriating.. Thank you for still going even when it hurts to love so much and to care. Thank you thank you thank you.

We will pray for little Lucas.

(And what a GREAT story in the end!) yea!

melinda said...

Praying and thanking God for the provision.