Thursday, May 15, 2014

Ahh, Macaneta! (to the tune of “Hey, Macarena!”)


Macaneta is a jewel of an undeveloped beach about 25ks north of where I live in Mozambique.  It’s one of the perks of living in a tropical country!  I would go here much more often except for two things:  1.  you need to cross a river on a rickety ferry (that only breaks down every once in a while!) and 2.  the road from the river to the beach is for most of the year, only passable in a four-wheel drive vehicle which I don’t have.


Crossing the river on the semi-trustworthy ferry.


The “chalet” opposite us, because I forgot to take a photo of ours!


“The Future of Life!”  I loved this fisherman’s boat on the beach!


Lovely, mostly undeveloped coastline for miles and miles!


And, because you’ve all seen amazing beach photos but, have you ever seen THIS photo??  Cows on the beach!


Fishing at dusk


A gorgeous view over the river for the sunset. Our little “chalet” ( a pretty fancy term for our digs!) was on a dune with the ocean in front and the river in back.


If you come visit me you too can say “Ah, Macaneta!”


pamela maddox said...

Are you trying to tempt us with the tropical locale and the promise of fun times with you. Is "the future of life" prophetic?! Love you, friend!!

Laura said...

I am definitely trying to tempt you my friend, I might even resort to bribing! Bring Sophia on that long-pondered trip! Love you!