Sunday, May 25, 2014



Wooden blocks are such a great, creative, developmental toy for kids and I’ve wanted them for my boys for years.  Well because I was home in the US twice in such quick succession, I decided to use some of my precious luggage space to buy my boys some wooden blocks.  Four sets of them to be exact.  That’s a lot of precious luggage space.

About two weeks after I  arrived back home in Moz, I was sorting through some donations that had recently arrived at the center.  And what do you know – a big tub of wooden blocks! 

After I got over my initial “I could have brought Cheez-Its and Triscuits instead of blocks!” reaction, I realized with blocks, more is more, and the boys are already enjoying them!  Be on the lookout for a photo of the boys and blocks in action!

(The sets will be presents for the rooms for Children’s Day!)

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pamela maddox said...

I see future builders!! :)