Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Getting ready for Children’s Day!


Children’s Day is June 1st and it’s the second biggest day of the year for our kids, closely following Christmas in excitement and preparations!  My boys were so excited to go “shopping” (in the back garden where I’d laid them out) for their own new pair of shoes.


We began by laying out clothes I’d been gathering and taking stock of what we still needed.  34 boys is a lot of sizes to keep track of!



We had a lot, we bought some more, we matched shirt, trousers and undies and we are all set!  Including a last minute purchase for our brand new boy who arrived this week.

But, I forgot to take a photo of all the outfits before I bagged them up, oops! 

You’ll just have to wait to see them ON the boys after June 1!!

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