Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Who gets stuck in a bathroom for three hours with no toilet paper?


So, yesterday I was stuck for three hours in my friend’s bathroom.  There are certainly worse places one could be stuck.  I had a book (which I was too distracted to read by repeatedly trying to unlock the door) and my friend’s toothbrush cup if I needed a drink of water. And I could always take another bath, one of my very favorite things.

After about 45 minutes of trying to unlock the door (it was a skeleton key, those can be tricky!) I finally gave in, climbed up on the edge of the tub, opened the window and called down to the guards and asked them to call the neighbors over, who had keys to the house.  My friend lives in house owned by the embassy, it’s a duplex and I thought perhaps the bathroom door was keyed the same.  It wasn’t.  

You might be wondering why I waited so long to call down to the guards.  I was determined not to have that horrible experience where I’m trying desperately to unlock the door and someone walks up and turns it and says “it just needs a little jiggling.”  I did all the jiggling one could hope to do!

Complicating matters was the fact that I had locked the interior metal door in the house when I had gone to sleep the night before, and I hadn’t unlocked it.  So no one could actually get to the bathroom door without cutting the metal door.

My new friend and temporary neighbor threw me up a rope (did I mention I was on the second floor and the windows are covered with some serious security bars?) and first sent me up a drill with which to take apart the door handle.  That sadly didn’t help, but I felt very cool standing there drilling in my capulana and wet hair in a towel!

Next we tied a trusty little plastic bag (salvaged from the garbage pail) to the end of the rope and  she sent up all the skeleton keys from her house.  Sadly, none of those keys worked either. 

I realized I needed to settle in and so asked for three things to be sent up in my trusty little plastic bag:  a Coke Lite, a snack bar and . . .  a roll of toilet paper!  Are you appreciating the irony that I was stuck in a bathroom but had no toilet paper?  You can only laugh!

Well, after about three hours all together, the maintenance team from the Embassy came and released this damsel in distress by sawing off two different locks to get to me.  It’s nice to know I was in fact quite secure in there!

(sadly, I only have this hastily taken photo of my trusy little plastic bag - that’s what happens when you’re locked in a bathroom with no camera or cell phone, you don’t get good photos of it.)


The Reeds said...

how crazy!!! What a bizarre experience! Welp, you're safe. ;)

Laura said...

It was pretty crazy, but my safe friends let me come back to housesit two weeks later! I'm bathe-ing with the door unlocked. Guess I shouldn't broadcast that . . . :)