Monday, June 02, 2014

Children’s Day 2014 ~ TOYS!!!


The Amazing Spiderman in Sunglasses made an appearance during our Children’s Day celebations – how cool is he?  DSC_0735

Ever tried keeping 34 little people calm and entertained who have been waiting since 6am for their pressies and it’s now 2:30pm???

DSC_0721Undoubtedly, the highlight of Children’s Day is the TOYS!  A great big dorm toy – a new trampoline!  And the Room Gifts, being checked out here by a group of curious cuties – new skateboards, soccer balls, notebooks and pens and cars for each room!

Delton checks it out and declares it a winner – SCORE!!!DSC_0730DSC_0748

And then, the gift bag of toys arrive!!!  Igor has a little lamb, whose fleece is white as snow!  Thanks to my friend Jody for her sweet donation of her childhood stuffed toys!


Who doesn’t love bubbles?  Or new PJs for that matter?DSC_0759DSC_0752

Budding photographers with their silly fake cameras that were a fav!DSC_0773



Seriously, can he BE any cooler?DSC_0771

This serious and sweet boy came and gave both me and Alisha two of his cookies each right before I snapped this shot – heart-melting!


DSC_0742Ah, a fizzy drink – one of the highlights of the snacks part of the present!  Ibraim is digging his strawberry Frozzy!10365418_10154168980090632_8538131329546110995_o (1)Here’s me, chosen to cut the cake the visiting group from the city brought!  I like to ham it up for the kids, here I’m pretending I’m going to eat all the cake myself.  Come to think of it, I didn’t even get a piece!DSC_0789

Why yes, it does get cold in Africa and earmuffs are required!  Or at least desired when received in donations!  They were a HIT!  So were these new pjs they are checking out!  Time to brush teeth and . . .


And at the end of every really big day in a child’s life – sleepytime!  There is no photo of me but I was doing the SAME thing shortly thereafter!

A heartfelt thank you to RockHARBOR church in Costa Mesa, California for their generous support of my boys at Children’s Day.  The students at the Jane Ryan Elementary School in Trumbull, CT also gave donations to help by the snacks and drinks that were part of the boys gifts, so sweet!  Spar Stores of South Africa made an amazing donation of chocolates to our center and the boys loved their choccies!  And thank you to all my regular supporters who bless me so that I can bless my precious boys!


The Reeds said...

How sweet! spiderman in sunglasses is the best!

pamela maddox said...

What a fun day! It looks like amazing pressies and some very happy little guys.

Hope you got the rest you needed!


Laura said...

Georgia, I LOVE Delton masquerading as Cool Spidey! Pamelita, well, I got sick so that got me some rest :) Just about over it now, well over a week later. But it sure was fun!