Thursday, June 12, 2014

F is for Festa!


We’re going through the alphabet in our dorm for the Afternoon Program and I decided for F we would have a Festa – a party!  No particular reason, it just sounded like fun.  And these boys love fun!

DSC_0801So we decorated the house with balloons and streamers, put on really loud music and danced and made balloon animals and swords and face painted.  It was chaos, but happy chaos!   Felizardo made his own eyeglasses to be like Mana Laura with her giant green glasses that no party should be without.

Then the boys went in the main room and played with bubbles while we set up the tables and chairs for the craft, which was painting a flower with forks.  I am seriously considering framing some of them, they turned out so good!DSC_0814

Then the part they were all waiting for – food!  Since coming home from school, the tantalizing smells from the crock-pot were practically making them drool!  So we had chicken (frango), beans (feijao), Fanta and Fizzer candy and fruita (apples) and a little cake, not because it starts with F but what party would be complete without some?DSC_0813DSC_0821

They were thrilled!  I was tired!

And we did it three days in a row!  Whew!DSC_0809


pamela maddox said...

Fun!!!! You are so fabulously fun. The ideas are fresh. The company fantastic. The fare seemed "ph"enomenal. You are full of fresh ideas. You are also very familiar with the fact that "a festa without cake is just a meeting".

pamelita :)

Laura said...

You remain my faithful feedback follower! Fantastic!
Find your way here for another visit, which is sure to involve a festa and FUN!
Felicitations, Lapa-Dee