Monday, June 16, 2014

The Birthday Boy!

DSC_0836Afonso is loving this cake!

These boys love their birthdays!  And they love when someone else has a birthday too cuz they all get a sweetie, or in tonight’s case, cake!  What a treat!  With 34 boys, I don’t make a cake for each birthday but they do all get sweeties (candies!).

Tonight, they got to have cake because two kind visitors, Jerome and Daniel, bought them some at the store, not even knowing we would be celebrating a birthday with it.

DSC_0833Daniel left this morning (hi Daniel!) so he wasn’t able to join us but Jerome came up for the fun.


Praying for the birthday boy Afonso, sometimes aka “trying to get in the photo!”


Some good night hugs before bed – cutie pie patooties!

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