Thursday, July 10, 2014

Chicken Pox!

IMG_3674Can you imagine four little bundles with chicken pox at the same time?  Yikes!  About ten of my little pumpkins have had it in the last two weeks, and about 30 in the whole center. 

IMG_3669IMG_3671Other than keeping a close eye on our immuno-compromised kids, I think it’s best for them all to get it and get it over with!    They all seem to go up and down throughout the day, sometimes feeling normal and five minutes later crying and wanting to lay down and two hours later running around again.  About ten minutes after the strong-man competition above, Junior on the left, was laying on the couch, a little teary, and fell quickly off to sleep. 

IMG_3680But who says you can’t still have some fun?  Of these four, two are passing out of it and two are just starting, one with a bad case – thus, laying down on the bed, an one with a mild case – thus the Spiderman energy!IMG_3678

They’re isolated in the dorm so we stayed home from church tonight and watched a movie. Cutie pies!

Although I’ve been quite light-hearted in this post, some of the boys have been quite sick from it, and some have quite painful sores.  How hard is it to keep putting on the healing cream when they are crying and pushing your hands away?  So please say a prayer for us that the pox passes quickly and painlessly and without any complications!


The Reeds said...

Oh no! I can't imagine having that many kids with chicken pox at once. I hope you've had it. ;)

Randy Salle' said...


Mana Laura said...

I have had it Georgia, thankfully. Randy, aren't they so cute? They still love Spidey, and have added Superman and Batman to this list! Thanks for commenting oh nephew of mine!

daysease said...

That is hard... HOpe it is all passed. I know that it took us a month and a half to go through five of our kids a few years ago. My third son, especially suffered a lot through it. So grateful we are past it, and that God provided. I am sure He provided for you all as well. Healing and strength to you all... in Jesus' healing and holy and powerful name, Amen!