Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Going Bananas!

IMG_3768So where I have been housesitting for a couple weekends, my friends have a banana tree, how fun is that? 

It grows what are called “Apple Bananas” which I had never heard of but have eaten plenty of times. 

They are small and super sweet – and fun!  Perfect for the boys!IMG_3766

Did you know bananas grew in a spiral like this?  I didn’t!  So cool!


Looks are deceiving!  This little bunch fed my boys two and a half times!  Including Tias, that is about 85 bananas!  Isn’t that amazing?  You’d never know it from looking at it.


So fun to eat something cut right from the tree. 

The guards had cut it about two weeks ago and stored it out of reach of the birds who you can see had already done some damage at the bottom.

Once they were ripe, the guards gave it to me for the boys.



The Reeds said...

How awesome!! We had a lemon tree and some papayas but this looks just awesome and I'll bet the boys were thrilled too!

Laura said...

They were pretty happy, and had fun looking at how they grow. I have two lemon trees and a mango - the mango we planted (me and the boys) and now is bearing fruit!

Will said...

That's so cool :)

Mana Laura said...

Hey Will, thanks for visiting and leaving a comment! Laura

daysease said...

Wow!! that is a LOT of bananas!! How cool that God provided a special treat! a healthy one, at that! and that He provided quick-to-act guards who rescued them from the birds. :-)