Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A Little Belated Birthday Post

The boys love a birthday – anyone’s birthday cuz they all get candy!  Of course, they love their own the best.  They get to wear the birthday hat (it’s now in tatters after so many uses!), sleep with Spiderman sheets, use the Spiderman towel and washcloth and wear the soccer slippers.  What more could a kid ask for, really?

 (they were pretty stoked when my feet fit in their slippers!)
For my birthday this year, way back in July, I wanted to provide them with cake.  Not because I’m more special than they are but cuz there’s one of me and 34 of them.  There’s lots of things I do for these cute-patoots but making 34 cakes a year, (enough for 40 people when you count our workers) isn’t one of them!
(I admit it – I didn’t make these either, I ran out of time and bought them and slathered them with jam!)

Bummer – I didn’t get a group shot with all of us.  That’s Room Three behind me, worried I’ll eat the whole cake and there won’t be enough for everyone!  Lucky I showed some self-restraint!

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The Reeds said...

Happy birthday!