Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Cap-i-tan America visits–with gifts!


My wonderful co-worker, Alisha has her amazing parents visiting her and the boys.  They fell in love with the kids via skype long before they arrived.  The boys call them “Mae e Pai” – (mom and dad), so cute!

We suspect Alisha’s dad IS Cap-i-tan America (as the boys pronounce it!) and he loves everything about him.  So naturally the boys love him too.

They came with a surprise for the boys for every day of their visit, can you imagine?  So thoughtful and generous!  These are the best – new t-shirts.  Alisha prepared them well and they had all the right sizes, different color for each room!  I was impressed!

Are you seeing that Cap-i-tan America brought his own shield???

They also brought fun masks – adorable!


Nothing wrong with a little mix-n-match superheroes is there?


Our littlest Superhero!


The Reeds said...

This is so cute!

daysease said...

Brilliant boys; Brilliant gifts!!! Such a blessing!