Sunday, September 14, 2014

Four Eyes are Better Than Two!


Letter O in the Afternoon Program gave us a great Opportunity, get it?, for wearing Oculos!  That’s glasses in Portuguese.


Dave and Josh of the Buttershaw Team brought up some giant pipe cleaners (how did I not know about those before?) and the idea was born!


I had to jump in and show off my Oculos too!


Looking very chic don’t you think?  Igor pushing up his glasses to see a little better, Jeremias chose his colors to match his shirt and Josh – what a great sport!  Thanks for sharing with them about prayer (oracao) as well Josh!


(sorry for going backwards in my Letter posts – I had written this and lost it in”drafts” so here you go!)


David Leakey said...

It is really nice to see the photo's of the boys having fun while learning. Laura you are amazing with your boys. The get so much love and encouragement. Happy memories we will all remember.

Mana Laura said...

Thanks David! I appreciate the help and ideas. They are so thrilled about everything, it's easy to bless them. Tell Josh I say hi!