Friday, September 26, 2014

Meet the Meninos ~ Lulu


What is with the cheesy over-smile at this age?  Anyway, Lulu is short for Luis, very common even for grown men here, I had to get used to calling a man “Lulu!”

IMG_1994He is cute – obviously!  He is also earnest, trying hard at learning new things, which almost everything here is new to him, even coloring.  He is quiet and usually content with whatever happens.  He seems often uncertain, trying to see what’s expected or what the norm is or what this new crafty project is, and what in the world is the alphabet?

He’s also very proud of himself when he tries something new he was previously afraid if – like the swimming pool!  He must have told me at least 16 times after his most recent visit there that “I went in the water Mana Laura!”

He’s not overly affectionate or clingy but he does enjoy a good hug and kiss.  He seems to be finding his footing!

Love, Laura


The Reeds said...

Sweet Lu lu. It's so lovely to see faces to make it all more personal.

daysease said...

What a handsome little man! He will gain confidence and blossom as he does so. He looks happy, and having a safe place to learn and grow means the world to an insecure kid. what a blessing that he has you.