Tuesday, September 02, 2014

P is for Peixe at the Praia (or Fish at the Beach if you will)!


Could they be any more gorgeous?  But I digress . . .IMG_3810

As you might know, we are going through the alphabet in the Afternoon Program and this week is Letter P!  It is also week one of two weeks of school holidays.  It’s always fun to take the boys off the center during the holidays so Alisha and I came up with a great plan.

IMG_3813Alisha took one room at a time to the nearby pool for Pizza at the Pescina (pool)!

And I took them to the Praia (beach) for Peixe (fish)!

So fun!  So perfect, couldn’t have planned it better myself.

Here’s Dave, who with his son Josh joined us one day.  They were great fun for doing guy stuff with the boys!IMG_0214IMG_3885

I love seeing the boys at the beach just being goofy and having fun!IMG_3887

They couldn’t wait to get to the water which was WAY out!IMG_3891

Except little Dio who needed some coaxing to get out with the big boys!

IMG_3815I was so excited – as were the boys – when Mana Zaida joined in the fun! 



It’s a lot of work getting the fish off the bones for the boys.  These are cheap fish – like 20 cents each, and they have tons of bones.  But, that’s what was available and I had to stick with my theme! Thanks Dave for tearing apart those fish!

(And in case you’re curious, I have three rooms of boys and do the same Afternoon Program three days in a row, once for each room. These photos are from two of the three days.  The third day is when my clutch went out and I was a little too preoccupied to take photos!)

Wait til you hear what we did for Letter Q!


The Reeds said...

So beautiful!! (and clever!) I can't wait to see how Q went!

Mana Laura said...

You are such a faithful commenter Georgia! Thank you!