Thursday, September 04, 2014

Q is for Quiosque, of Quorse!


IMG_3933For the second week of school holidays, I was again on a quest to get the boys off the center to “passear” which is a great Portuguese word meaning something similar to “go out and about.”

I had a brainstorm when I realized that the little snack bars here are often called Quiosques (Portuguese for Kiosk if you didn’t gather that!).

(Here’s little Lulu, looking doubtful I was showing him the right stuff and then thrilled when we hit the pocket!)



So three days in a row I took one room at a time to the somewhat local Quiosque for Quiejo (cheese) and crackers and a soda which doesn’t start with Q but is pretty much a sure thing at a Quiosque.


While I didn’t get a photo in front of the Quiosque sign (it was too close to the busy road to risk it), I did get plenty of shots of the unexpected bonus – a pool table!


I love playing pool!  Even more, I love surprising the boys who were certain that Mana Laura would NOT know how to play pool!

IMG_3922Manuel 2 was pretty excited for me when I made a shot!  The boys loved running around to the side to watch the ball fall into line.IMG_3951Basically the Tias and I played one another while giving the boys lots of chances to shoot.  Not one of the three Tias had ever played before, they were so cute to watch!

IMG_3923All the boys got to take a turn or two as well.  Here’s Felix getting ready!

IMG_3926I couldn’t convince them it wasn’t a good thing for the white ball to go in the pocket, they were just as thrilled!

IMG_3954Jan joined us and did a great job showing Manuelly-Belly how to shoot.


I love, love, love this action shot when Mana Zaida, you can barely see her on the right, made a shot.  They were so excited!


The Reeds said...

I was wondering how you would do it! Fun & sweet!

Mana Laura said...

It was fun Georgia. We've been much more tame - and stayed at home - since Q! This week is U and we're doing Universe!