Thursday, September 11, 2014

Timber! And seriously, so grateful.


Crash, bam, boom!  Nope, not an episode of Batman being filmed here in Zimpeto, but about  1/4 of our wonderful big tree in the middle of our playground came crashing to the ground this afternoon around 2pm!


Amazingly, in a center of about 400 people at any given moment, 260 of them kids of all ages, workers, pastors, missionaries, visitors, community members . . . not one person was hurt or killed by this falling tree branch.  Praise God for his mercy in this situation.


About an hour later, 35 or so little toddlers would be playing under this tree, primarily in front of that wall you see but many little ones toddle out and about under the tree.  Scary to think what might have happened.  And about a half hour later, 11 of my boys would have been walking right in that exact spot from tutoring back to my dorm, which you can see in the photo below. 


My dorm is barely visible in the center of the photo, the edge of a roof and the fence is all you can see of it.  The noise was so loud from there!


There was a little boy raking up leaves and such and putting them that bin when the tree broke, but he heard the noise and ran clear, thank God!  My friend was sitting on the little wall you see in the photo, a little to the right, and her son was playing under the tree, but in the clear space you can see in front of where the tree fell. 

SO much to be thankful for today!  This story could have had a very different ending.   We praise God for his mercy and protection today!

It makes me think of all things we are spared or protected from and have no idea.  In this case, we know it was miraculous that no one was injured and I am thankful!


The Reeds said...

Oh wow! God is so gracious to us. I'm glad no one was hurt.

Mana Laura said...

Isn't he though Georgia? We were all marveling at his protection!

daysease said...

Praising God for keeping you all safe... now, fire wood!