Sunday, October 12, 2014

It’s that time of year again!


The Shoe Store is open for cute customers!

Although I’m a big believer in Christmas festivities starting after Thanksgiving, I don’t get that luxury here in Moz – with 34 munchkins to prepare for, I need to start early!

I have been collecting shoes since Children’s Day (june 1) and we’ve also received a huge donation from China recently so I had a lot of shoes to set up for the boys to try on.  I would prefer to surprise them but there’s no way I can estimate the size for 34 boys!  What you see here is about a third of the shoes, there were two more lines on the floor. 

Out of 34, I only didn’t have a pair to fit ONE boy!  Amazing!  I think there were others his size and they got it before him.  So I’ll be on the look out for a pair of shoes for Gil. 

In case you’re curious how I do it, I line up all the shoes in size order.  Then I start with the biggest boys and usually invite two or three in at a time but a couple extra slipped in when this photo was taken.  I compare the size of their feet and the boy with the biggest goes first.  They choose the ones they want to try on (while I pray they find something they like that fits!).

In the past I have bought almost all their shoes so they were new (and set aside the new ones from donations so they’d be equal).  But since we had a big donation, it seemed a waste to not use them even though they are used. 

Amazingly, every boy was happy with the pair he chose!  Sweetie pies!

Next up – arranging new outfits for 34 little pumpkins!


The Reeds said...

You're doing such a great jog Laura. How sweet.

daysease said...

We use hand me downs from other people, too... Having five kids, it comes naturally, plus it is a waste to just throw them away because they have been worn by someone else. My kids have to use them for play shoes once they are too worn down, but they wear them down till they are just NO GOOD before I am willing to throw them away. Well done! :-)