Saturday, October 25, 2014

Raising smart boys!

DSC_0097 (2)

I love educational toys!  I love toys that challenge and get kids’ brains working and prepare them for future learning.  I’ve been on a semi-Montessori kick lately and am trying to implement some of their educational philosophies.

So I bought a really cheap Tangram “game” at a really cheap store in South Africa.  Julio pulled it out and he loved it!  He played with it the entire 30 minutes he was in my house and was so excited with every shape he could re-create.

I could just FEEL his brain working!

And yes, that’s a good old fashioned, non-educational viewfinder toy next to him.  I’m not ALL about the educational toys!

So do you have favorite educational toys or activities or crafts you might recommend?  I love new ideas!

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daysease said...

I LOVED my viewfinder as a kid! Wish I could find one and attachments to give to my kids! Fun!! The old toys... I miss so many of them. :-) A lot of them were unintentionally educational, but super fun! He looks like he is having a blast!