Monday, October 06, 2014

V is for Viola!


Look, the Incredible Hulk dropped in for a jam session with my boys! 


For the letter V in the Afternoon Program, our main activity was creating “violas” which is the Portuguese word for guitar.  See, if you read my blog, you will learn Portuguese in tiny, incremental bits!


The boys love imitating our worship team on their guitars and these may have been one of the biggest hits we’ve ever made!  I love how in the one above, it looks like Armando, the littlie, is listening to tune his!  And in the one below, Ernesto, in bright green, has perfect form!



Marley, on the left might follow his namesake, you never know!  And Julio on the right is putting on a proper performance.

Love these cutie pies that are so excited about everything!


The Reeds said...

What a great idea!! You're doing such meaningful work Laura. You really really are.

daysease said...

OH my goodness!! How cute! an Air jam session!! (sort of) looks like they love music... Any true blue budding musicians in the bunch, that you know of?