Thursday, October 09, 2014

X is for Xima!



X is pronounced “ch” in Portuguese and there aren’t a whole lot of words that begin with it.  Xima does though!  And it’s pronounced “shee-ma”.

Xima is Mozambque’s variation of an African staple, known in other areas as pap or mealie-meal.  It’s corn based.  It can be served as a type of porridge but it almost never is.  Instead it is serves as a type of thick, solid mashed potato-y type side to go with anything with a sauce.  I served theirs with sardines in tomato sauce, yum!  It is thick and filling. Plain with no real taste but I like it. 


I invited the Tias of each room to come in and tell the boys about Xima, what it’s made from, how it’s made, etc. and then make it for the boys.  They loved it!  We used store-bought “Top Score” corn flour but many, many Mozambicans make it from scratch from the corn in their fields and that’s the process the Tias described for the boys.


As much as the boys like Xima, watching the Tias make it does not constitute a program!  (The tia above is one of the sweetest ladies ever, I just captured a funny face on her, don’t think she’s mean!)

I had just ordered (and a nice visitor delivered for me) a set of peg boards for the boys so we tried them out and boy were they a hit! They never wanted to stop playing with them!


First I asked them to make an X, then the first letter of their name.  Then various shapes as I held up our wooden shapes.  Then more intricate things like planes and houses.  Here’s a fun, blurry shot of us with our houses!


They did finally break from the the peg boards to color in X-Men sheets, that my trusty helper alisha hand-drew!!  They pronounce it “sheeshi-man” – SO adorable. 

I don’t have too many photos because they always turn out blurry in my house if I use no flash and over-exposed and yucky if I use one. 

Speaking of, in case you’re wondering why I’m inconsistent with blogging about the letters of our Afternoon Program, it’s because I usually forget to take photos!


The Reeds said...

Sheeshi-man? SO cute.

Mana Laura said...

Georgia, it is THE cutest!
They pronounce the letter X - sheesh. And so X-men becomes sheeshi-man cuz they kinda add the i at the end of the sheesh part to blend.
Just as cute as Cap-i-tan America! They are always entertaining! (and sometimes maddening but that's a different story!)