Thursday, November 13, 2014

A little gift goes a long way!


We just had three lovely ladies and their three cool teenage sons here from England.  Because of their sons’ ages, they wanted to adopt our dorm.  While they spent time in all the areas of the ministry, we were the blessed focus of their attention!


I don’t have photos of all the things they did but I do have some.  They left a leaving gift of a bag for each boy – and they didn’t forget even one! – a sure way to a little boys’ heart, a plastic bag of goodies with his name on it!



They also came prepared with precut triangles to make bunting for the boys’ rooms.  Each boy got to paint his hands and then put his handprints on two triangles, then they sewed the whole thing together.  The boys were delighted!  (now to get them up high enough on the walls they can’t be pulled down by mischievous hands!).  This had gone along with a  teaching they had prepared teaching the boys, “you are special” and uniquely created.

Thanks so much Jo and Jo and Lisa and Noah and Jonti and Jacob!  You were a wonderful blessing with your gifts, supplies, your hearts and love and energy!

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daysease said...

What a brilliant memory made!! The kids look so happy! :-)