Thursday, February 26, 2015



I love puzzles!  I seem to have passed that on to many of my boys, for they often choose a puzzle when they come in to play.  Felizardo was particularly proud of putting together the Solar System puzzle. 

Floor puzzles are the best.  I brought back two of them in my luggage, even though they are big and heavy..

The Solar System puzzle will feature in our little unit study on space coming up in the next month or two.  Feel free to chime in if you have any ideas on teaching Space concepts to younguns who’ve not been exposed to much (like science museums for example!).


daysease said...

You could do a play of the solar system! have the little ones be the planets or starts, etc... then have the older ones do a presentation of what happens. what rotates around what, gives some specific details about their buddy planet (littler kid dressed up, matched with bigger kid who talks about "his" planet), even have space-themed food for a snack. Some kids could be applied to the craft part of it: painting, cutting, etc... while others do the performing. Everyone can have a job that way.

I am particular about using my construction paper craft supply as it is not easily available near me. I am pretty stingy with my cardstock, too, for the same reason; but, you can use newspaper, and invest in glue to make like paper mache costumes. OR use newspapers to fluff up material costumes (which can later be taken apart and used for other projects). Boxes are always GREAT for projects. Again, then all you would need is color for individual planets (paint, crayons, markers, etc...)Or instead of a FULL costume, you could use paper plates and make planet/star CROWNS! hahahah... Hey, any time you need some ideas from someone without a craft store nearby, feel free to contact me. I try to use and reuse, recycle, remake. because I don't have easy access to craft stores. :-) Just one idea...

Celita in Italy

daysease said...

You said that some of your kids are good with music. COuld you teach them a song about the stars, planets, galaxy, that your musical ones could play to. Put to music, they will remember better what you teach.

Mana Laura said...

Wow! These are great ideas! I am currently working on maps and the world and I set the 7 continents and the four oceans to two little tunes and they learned them so quickly! So you're right about singing the planets. I like the idea of the brothers doing something as well. I love your creative craft ideas. We also can't get construction paper here (odd!) but can get cardstock. Thankfully, we have lots of visitors so I have a decent stash of construction paper right now. Thanks for taking time and energy to write all these ideas!