Sunday, February 22, 2015

Why yes, in theory, I do still have a blog!


And a few dozen gorgeous boys ready to be written about and shared with all of you kind readers!

These were banners of their handprints they had made with recent, amazing, visitors, Lisa, Jo and Jo and their three sons.  Ladies, you’ll be happy to know the banners are still intact and look lively and happy in their rooms!

As I am now back home in Mozambique with my boys, and settling back into routines, I will be sure and get back into writing, keeping you informed of our little adventures here in Zimpeto. 

I must add, the offer still stands – why not visit us and join us in our adventures?!

Love, Mana Laura


The Reeds said...

In theory I still have two blogs but... I've been under the emotional weather. :) I would to come visit. Maybe some day!

pamela maddox said...

I <3 these cute banners!!! (and the boys of course!!!)
BTW...your skirts still look adorbs. :)

Mana Laura said...

Georgia, if you return for a visit to Uganda, you can just kinda swing by Moz on your way to or from! :) Are you doing ok??

Pamelita, I am wearing the skirt you and Heidi brought me when you visited in 2004!!!!!!!!! Seriously, I need to go shopping!