Saturday, February 28, 2015

Wonderful Visitors!



I had the most wonderful surprises this week.  THREE of my old – and older! – boys stopped by to visit me, all of which I hadn’t seen in a couple years. 

Francisco came to see me with his baby son who is named in my honor – Lurio!  SO sweet! He has been living in South Africa. Francisco and Pedro were best friends when they both lived in the center.

Nandino – yes, about a foot taller than me, he is seriously leaning in this photo – popped round for a visit.

And Rafino stopped by today.  He has moved back here to Maputo after he and his brothers moved north while his oldest brother studied to be a doctor.  His brother is a doctor now and working in our local hospital.  They have all moved back and care for their elderly father.

Please keep these young men in your prayers.  Life is not easy in Mozambique – the unemployment rate is very high and corruption to find jobs is rampant.  Please pray for their futures and all that God has for them will be theirs!


Something about that 12 year anniversary (which honestly, they don’t even know about!) has them coming home for a visit!  What a blessing!


The Reeds said...

How wonderful!! What beautiful fruit of your labors of love. So sweet.

daysease said...

You have a BEAUTIFUL family. I am blessed with you, that you had this opportunity to see some of your boys. May God capture their hearts, and the hearts of their children, and the hearts of their children's children, in the precious power and saving grace of Jesus!!! May He continue to bring them home, to bless you and to remember God's faithfulness to them. May He continue providing for their needs and using them for His glory, even when they least expect it. May our Lord comfort and strengthen your heart, encourage you as your pour yourself out, and provide for every need you have as well. May He give you the desires of your heart, and bless your socks off in special ways. :-)

Mana Laura said...

Thank you so much for your kind words Celita and your faithful comments Georgia!