Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Day of the Tree


Today is the International Day of the Tree!  Our children’s center director, Pastor Adolfo, planned a little teaching and celebration time for all our center kids.

We gathered in the church to hear a brief lesson on planting and caring for trees and plants.  Then everyone raced to their respective dorms to plant their own new trees!


The kids loved it!


Professional tampers at work here!


Nicely protected for a little while, while it grows!

We finished by eating bananas, which grow on trees.  But not the tree we planted in our dorm which is an orange tree.  But it fit the theme anyway.  If I’d known ahead of time what type of tree we were getting, I would have bought oranges!

How will you celebrate the Day of the Tree?  Remember the wise proverb that says, “The best day to plant a tree was 20 years ago.  The second best day – today!”


Felipe was inspired to plant his own “tree” – a plant he found by the basketball court and brought home to plant!


My boys were eager to show Senor Adolfo the plants they planted about two weeks ago!  Some of them might grow into something!


We’re being trees!


Randy Salle' said...

So cool! I hope your tree grows and grows!!!

Mana Laura said...

Me too! I did plant a mango tree about 5 years ago, it was about six inches high and now it's about 15 feet high and produces tons of mangoes! Here's hoping!