Saturday, April 04, 2015

I love how creative my boys can be!


What do you do with the plastic bikes when the plastic tires are smooshed so you can’t ride them anymore in the normal way?


You “ride” them on the swings of course!  Fearlessly!  (my photos of them in flight were too blurry to use!)


And the old skateboards, minus the “skate” part?  Make them into a fort!


Our slide does double-duty as a kitchen!


And Horacio just wants to check every day to see if there are any mangoes yet on his tree!

You gotta love these little cute-patoots!


Carol Emanuel said...

Love the naive interest in waiting for the mangoes grow. Moz kids are really creative with resources. I remember the fantastic trucks hauling other containers that were made from wire, coke tins and other things and all completely movable...amazing!

Mana Laura said...

The slightly older boys are in a wire car making craze right now! It is so impressive!

derrick recky said...