Thursday, April 16, 2015

Igor, the birthday boy!


IMG_5969The boys love birthdays of course!  Theirs, or anyone else’s – cuz they all get candy!  The birthday boy gives out candy to everyone, while wearing the special birthday hat of course!

While they still love Spiderman, Captain America is the big hit these days, thanks to a co-worker’s dad’s love for the character.  So the birthday boy sleeps with Captain (pronounced Cap-i-tan) America sheets while wearing Captain America PJs, a Spiderman bathrobe, after the CA towel and washcloth.  All topped off by slippers from the movie Cars!

It doesn’t take much to make these cute-patoots happy!



Meghann said...

How old is Igor these days?? He's one of the last babies I admitted...seems like just yesterday!

Mana Laura said...

Hi Meghann! I think he is 6, I would have to go check the calendar, there are three birthdays this week alone, I get confused! ALberto's birthday is tomorrow!

mark lawrence said...

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