Sunday, July 12, 2015

Technical Difficulties!

So sorry about the LLLOOONNNGGG delay between posts.  Windows Live Writer (where I write my posts offline) and Google had a bit of a falling out and weren’t speaking to one another for a while. 

I can only write my posts offline because then it takes approximately one minute to upload via the internet, no matter how many photos I use, as compared to using the Blogger system, when I have to be online and it takes about three to five minutes per photo to load, plus the ultimate loading of the post. 

Ain’t nobody got time for that!

I’m so happy to be able to post again!

Mapa do Mundo!


We’re studying the Map of the World!  We’ve learned the Seven Continents and the four main oceans – both of which were helped along by my setting them to a little tune. 

We’ve looked at Creation, our planet, globes, maps, and where all the missionaries live.  I don’t pretend they learned all those things perfectly, but they’re learning about them.


We are going on a journey to visit all the continents!  We will visit the missionaries who are from the different continents.  Sadly, we don’t have anyone here from Asia or Antarctica!


We’ve made a little suitcase, colored and cut and glued a few essentials in our suitcase, we’ve made passports and plane tickets – we’re set to travel!  Ibrahimo above is writing his name on his plane ticket.  Here in Moz, they use all three of their names – look how long his is!

This is my first attempt at a Unit Study approach to my Afternoon Program.  I still need help figuring out how to include reading, writing and ‘rithmatic.  I did have elements of all of those but want to include it a bit more.  I think I’ll get there!  Any ideas welcome!


One of the reading exercises we tried is shown above, I cut up the words and then the letters and they had to arrange them in order. 


And this is the first page of what will be their very own atlas of colored in maps.  Gil looks pretty happy about his!