Friday, April 15, 2016

Shoe Shopping–for Reals!

IMG_7177Usually my posts about “shoe shopping” are when I put out our collection of shoes and let the boys “shop” through them for a new pair.  They are a mix of donated shoes or shoes I have bought and saved for getting ready for Children’s Day or Christmas.

But this shopping trip was special and not only because the boys got to go to the market and select their sandals/flip flops – more about that in a second.


It was special because the 13 year old son of one of my friends decided to use his savings to buy my boys some sandals!  Isn’t that amazing?  He was saving for a new computer and heard about my boys and decided to use the money to bless them.   I love seeing God move on people’s hearts, especially children!  It’s not SO hard to give out of our excess but to sacrifice something we want in order to give – I am inspired!


IMG_7175So on to our shopping trip - going to the market is quite an adventure. You park outside, take a deep breath and dive in! You walk through a labyrinth of shops selling everything under the sun- sides of beef, dishsoap, pots and pans, fake hair, chickens, and everything else you can imagine! It's crowded, hot, dirty, smelly (only near the chickens!) and full of friendly, chill, happy people (and the occasional scoundrel that makes me hold tightly to my purse!). Mozambican kids growing up in their homes would be very familiar with the market but my boys don't get off the center all that often so they walk through with big eyes, taking it all in, including the men shouting, "hey boys, who is the white lady?!?"

IMG_7176I get home and fall into a heap, tired from counting heads and keeping everyone out of mischief. 

And the boys?  Each and every one is delighted – a couple of them even slept with their new sandals!